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Saturday, April 29

4:10pm CEST

Sander Hoogendoorn @aahoogendoorn - Thirty-six month of microservices. Stairway to heaven or highway to hell?
Microservices are the current hype. Websites are full of introducing posts, books are being written and conferences organized. There’s big promises of scalability and flexibility. However, when you are knee deep in mud as an architect, developer or tester, it’s hard to find out how to get there. Sander Hoogendoorn, independent craftsman and Chief Technology Officer at ANVA, discusses the long and winding road his recent projects, both greenfield and brownfield, have travelled towards microservices and continuous delivery. Sander addresses polyglot persistence, DDD, bounded contexts, modeling HTTP/REST, continuous delivery, build pipelines and many lessons learned, using many real-life examples.

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Sander Hoogendoorn

Speaker, Techorama

Saturday April 29, 2017 4:10pm - 5:00pm CEST
1. Ocean Hall

5:20pm CEST

Howard Chu @hyc_symas - Inside Monero, the world's first fungible cryptocurrency
While many in the tech industry are familiar with Bitcoin and the many altcoins that have forked off its code base, fewer are aware of Monero. Monero is evolved from CryptoNote, which is a completely independent code base from Bitcoin emphasizing privacy as opposed to Bitcoin's transparent blockchain. The Monero team has developed further innovations over the CryptoNote code base making it the most private cryptocurrency ever, and the first in the world with true fungibility.

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Howard Chu

CTO and Founder, V.P. R&D, Symas Corp.
FOSS author since 1980s. Author of world’s fastest multiprocessor ethernet driver, world’s fastest Appletalk stack and Appleshare server, world’s fastest LDAP stack, world’s fastest embedded transactional DB.

Saturday April 29, 2017 5:20pm - 6:10pm CEST
1. Ocean Hall
Sunday, April 30

12:30pm CEST

Ian Cooper @ICooper - Going Cloud Native
Today's applications need to continuously delivered, as much as hundreds of times a day, and scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users. At the same time these applications need to be safe, with high availability rates. Cloud Native is emerging as a set of best practices to help us meet this paradox: to both embrace change but yet remain stable. In this talk we will identify the key pillars of a Cloud Native application, and discuss how to move your development towards high-scalability software engineering. Along the way we will cover everything from Microservices and Antifragility to Agile Application Infrastructure. 

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Polyglot Coding Architect, JustEat
Polyglot Coding Architect in London, founder of #ldnug, speaker, tabletop gamer, geek. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded. The 'guv' on @BrighterCommand

Sunday April 30, 2017 12:30pm - 1:20pm CEST
1. Ocean Hall

3:00pm CEST

Dylan Beattie @dylanbeattie - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of APIness: The Secret to Happy Code
We spend our lives working with systems created by other people. From the UI on our phones to the cloud infrastructure that runs so much of the modern internet, these interactions are fundamental to our experience of technology - as engineers, as developers, as users - and user experiences are viral. Great user experiences lead to happy, productive people; bad experiences lead to frustration, inefficiency and misery.

 Whether we realise it or not, when we create software, we are creating user experiences. People are going to interact with our code. Maybe those people are end users; maybe they're the other developers on your team. Maybe they're the mobile app team who are working with your API, or the engineers who are on call the night something goes wrong. These may be radically different use cases, but there's one powerful principle that works across all these scenarios and more. In this talk, we'll draw on ideas and insight from user experience, API design, psychology and education to show how you can incorporate this principle, known as discoverability, into every layer of your application. We'll look at some real-world systems, and we'll discuss how discoverability works with different interaction paradigms. Because, whether you're building databases, class libraries, hypermedia APIs or mobile apps, sooner or later somebody else is going to work with your code - and when they do, wouldn't it be great if they went away afterwards with a smile on their face?

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System Architect, Skills Matter
Dylan Beattie is a systems architect and software developer, who has built everything from tiny standalone websites to large-scale distributed systems. He's currently the CTO at Skills Matter in London, where he juggles his time between working on their software platform, supporting... Read More →

Sunday April 30, 2017 3:00pm - 3:50pm CEST
1. Ocean Hall

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